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More Than Overcomer

We all face temptation, we just can’t avoid it. The question is not, “Will you be tempted?” The question is, “When you are tempted, will you be ready to defeat temptations?

More than Overcomer!

Get this right: You can defeat any temptation that comes your way. Stop saying, I just don’t think I can make it – Take (I Can’t) out of your vocabulary.

With your strength and ability, you are right. You can’t. But when you put God’s Word in your heart, when you hold unto His strength and trust in His promises, there is no temptation you can’t overcome.

Over the years, I have noticed somethings that make all the difference in overcoming temptation.

You have to be wise. Think about the choices you are making and the consequences before you make them. Wisdom looks ahead before taking any step.
You have to believe that you can resist temptation. Condemnation, guilt and shame work off of momentum, if you stop them early, they lose their power, but once they get rolling, they are hard to stop.
Think of facing temptation as normal life. If you are expecting a fight, you will always be ready.
Avoid areas of weakness. Don’t put yourself in situations where you can easily fall. If you struggle with managing your money, don’t go shopping when you can’t afford to buy anything!
Don’t give yourself too much credit. We don’t graduate from being tempted. It’s so easy to think you have matured beyond stumbling, and once that happens, you make yourself an easy target for the devil.

God wants you to trust Him to bring victory in every areas of your life. By His grace and power, you are more than overcomer.

Thought of the Day: Because the GREATER One lives inside of you. You are more than a conqueror.

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