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Not Place of Entertainment

You don’t want go to church to be entertained, neither to be bored

Your intention of going to the church should be:

To worship.
To read and hear from God’s word.
To be taught things you don’t know about God.
To be challenged to become better person
To be discipled and be a good follower of Christ
To fellowship with other believers, not to be a persecutor.
To be inspired into action (i.e) practice what you read in God’s word

When we reduce the gathering of God’s people to an entertainment venue, we don’t enhance it, we diminish it.

Diminish. That’s such a kind word for the damage we do to the gospel when we use it as a tool to put on a better show.

We have been entrusted with the message that Christ Jesus came to live on our planet, lived a sinless life, taught the greatest truths ever heard, died for our sins, rose from the dead, and is coming back for us. You have to work hard to make that story boring. Yet we do that.

The size of a church is not the issue here, neither the numbers of the attendees, but the fact of the word of God that is being preached. The doctrine does matter a lot. We can’t proclaim the truth of a gospel that we have wandered away from, or hidden under layers of prejudice, tradition and entertainment.

Yes, the gospel should be attractive, as long as we are attracting people with the truth, not with the baggage we have added to it. The foundation you build as preachers of the gospel is what others will build on, if you attract people to the church with worldly lifestyle, they will come to the church and keep living a worldly lifestyle.

Entertainment is cheap and easy. The PC I am writing with can access more entertainment than we could have ever imagined. Or than any church can ever compete with. Get this right: “If we compete head-to-head with Hollywood or other movie industry on entertainment quality, Hollywood wins, and the church loses.”

“Jesus never bored people with His gospel. And a lot of his parables were very interesting and entertaining. But entertainment was never the point. Truth was the point, and great truths are never boring.”

Whenever entertainment becomes the point, or boredom becomes the result of our church services, we have missed something big. Something vital. Something beautiful, eternal and life-changing.

We have missed the truth of the gospel.
We have traded our birthright for a mess of stew.
We have cast our pearls before swine.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to:

Never undermine the truth of the gospel for a better Sunday morning show.
Never preach an easy version of a hard biblical truth.
Never denounce the sins of others while avoiding dealing with my own sins.
Never give up on the hard work of finding that middle place between entertaining people with the gospel and boring people with it.
Never lose the wonder of the gospel or of my privilege to preach it.
Never use the gospel to promote my own ulterior motives. Like getting a better offering or building a bigger church.

We need to reflect the creativity and innovation of the creator as we teach His truth. We are to live the truth of God’s word with as much honesty and integrity as we can, counting on God’s help.

NOWADAYS: pastors simplify their sermons in an effort not to offend anyone, church doctrines are disregarded, the gospel is camouflaged, worldly music becomes the norm. And we say we are in the time of grace….”May God help somebody”

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